About Us
The Scow Institute The Scow Institute works towards greater understanding between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples through information that is fact based, non-partisan, and accessible on topical issues that affect all Canadians. The Institute was founded in 2001 by retired Judge Alfred J. Scow, the first Aboriginal person called to the Bar and to the Bench in British Columbia, and other interested persons. The Scow Institute is primarily funded by The Law Foundation of British Columbia and has received funding from the Notary Foundation and Vancity.
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Board of Directors
The Scow Institute Board of Directors includes Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people committed to improving public access to information on Aboriginal issues.

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The Scow Institute has been primarily funded by The Law Foundation of British Columbia since 2002. In addition we have received a Van City Community Grant in 2002, a Van City Capacity Grant in 2003 and a Notary Foundation grant in 2004.
"Our goal is to inform Canadians on
issues that affect Aboriginal people."
Alfred J. Scow
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